Spike-it Garlic Dip-n-Glo Single Sided Markers

When the fish don't like it...Spike it! Perfect for anglers who are avid about making changes to their presentation, the Spike it Dip-n-Glo Scented Marker is designed to quickly change the color of your soft plastic lures so you can adapt to changing water conditions and patterns. Very easy to use, simply lay out your soft plastic lure on a flat surface, hold the bait steady and color the desired area, repeat strokes to darken the color, and allow a few seconds to dry to create a new and totally customized look. Enhance your lures by drawing stripes along the body or coloring the claws, legs, and appendages on your favorite craws, swimbaits, lizards and more! Available in a wide selection of color options so you can easily match the hatch, the Spike It Dip-n-Glo Scented Markers are loaded with a powerful scent formula that boosts attraction by appealing their sense of smell.