Reaction Innovation Machete

Offering a deadly combination of tail kick and vibration, the Reaction Innovations Machete delivers a mouth-watering, customizable action that works for a wide range of applications. Its large tail can be left intact for a classic paddle tail action or separated by the small pull-tabs to create a J-tail that dishes out a hard thumping action. When the tail tabs are pulled apart the Machete actually thumps like a spinnerbait and gives off a tremendous amount of vibration. It is also molded with Reaction Innovations’ forward facing ribs, which create subtle, underwater pressure waves.

Extremely versatile, the Machete can be fished weightless and buzzed across the surface, Texas-rigged through vegetation, and even dragged along the bottom on a Carolina-rig. Offered in a wide range of Reaction Innovations’ custom blended colors, the Reaction Innovations Machete is perfect for those times when you need a little more action than a standard worm.