Profound Outdoors Azuma Shaker Z

Whether you rip it through grass, bounce it off rocks, or burn it in open water, the Azuma Shaker Z Lipless Crankbait delivers everything that anglers look for in a lipless crankbait. Built with a shad shaped body, the Shaker Z Lipless Crankbait features a wide flat spot on the front of the bait, which causes a powerful vibration when retrieved that fish can feel through their lateral line. It also features internal BB’s that generate a unique underwater acoustic that calls fish out of cover.

An oversized belly also allows it to fall perfectly horizontal with a unique side-to-side wobbling action that displaces plenty of water and triggers aggressive strikes as it descends. Backed by stainless steel split rings and extra-sharp hooks, the Azuma Shaker Z Lipless Crankbait combines superior action with outstanding quality to deliver everything anglers desire in a lipless crankbait.