Megabass Body Balance

The Megabass Body Balance Swimbait Head is designed to ensure that any choice swimbait swims at its best. Meticulously detailed, the Body Balance features an elongated chin to snug under soft plastics and act as a keel to keep them horizontal and prevent rolling, and is fitted with a double wire baitkeeper to keep the lure from slipping. Hand painted with realistic 3D eyes and gill plate accents, the Body Balance is the perfect additional any soft plastic swimbait to give it more appeal.

Tackle Otaku - "There are a lot of ways to fish the body balance/swimbait combo.  For me, the most effective way is fishing for suspended fish.  Adding a 5" Spark Shad, I can cast the Body Balance out to bluff walls or open water when they'resuspending on tree tops and let the bait pendulum bait and into the fishes zone.  The Body Balance keeps the spark shad swimming horizontally as it falls, giving the fish a fresh look that's totally natural."

Weight | 3/8oz and 1/2oz