DuraSafe Coupler Connect/Protect

Made in the USA

Coupler Diameter opening 1.25" 


Trailer disconnect accidents happen without warring and are extremely dangerous. They can occur due to any number of reasons and are frightening to witness and experience. Accidental uncouplings can happen by the coupler not being properly secured, equipment failure, mismatched ball and coupler, rough road/weather conditions, operator inexperience and improper inspection. Coupler Protect provides peace of mind when it comes to towing a trailer. It keeps the trailer connected to the tow ball even when a mishap takes place - it won’t allow the trailer to pop off the tow ball


  • Helps prevent the coupler from accidentally popping off the tow ball during travel eliminating extremely dangerous situations
  • Provides peace of mind while towing
  • Unique design of the guard doubles as a step for easy truck bed access