Cast Prodigy 8" Swimbait

Designed with an oversized wedge-shaped paddle tail to impart an incredible amount of action throughout the entire body, the Cast Prodigy Swimbait offers a bite-sized profile perfect for targeting deep offshore bass. Alerting predators of its presence with a small glass rattle located in a molded belly cavity, the Cast Prodigy swimbait provides an audible element of attraction making it especially useful in low-light or dirty water conditions.

Some anglers will choose to remove the rattle for a more finesse approach, or you can try replacing the rattle with nail weight and nose hook the Prodigy to create the ultimate subtle soft-bodied spy bait! Built to withstand catches of up to 20+ fish on a single bait, the Cast Prodigy Swimbait is poured with a proprietary soft plastic material that delivers exceptional durability while still maintaining realistic movement in the water.

Length Quantity
3" 8
4.1" 6
6" 3
8" 2