Black Label Balsa 300 Proof

Handcrafted by MLF Pro angler and Bass Master Classic Champion Cliff Pace, the Black Label Cliff Pace 300 Deep Diving Crankbait is perfect for fishing points, channel drops, shell beds, brush piles, flooded timber, rock piles, and any offshore cover you can find. Built with a fast-diving custom Lexan spoon-shaped bill, this flat-sided deep-diver offers subtle action and a tight vibration that does not pull overly hard, making it easier to fish all day without wearing yourself out. Backed by two razor-sharp Mustad TG76 black nickel treble hooks, anglers will benefit from positive hooksets and seamless hook penetration.

Featuring a unique lead tuning button at the lip for straight and balanced retrieves, the old-school balsa wood construction provides extreme buoyancy to allow the 300DD to rise quickly to the surface and free itself from snags. From the initial carving to the final clear coat, each Black Label Crankbait is hand-sealed, hand-painted, and hand-cleared using a 45-step process that ensures the highest level of quality and performance. Finished with amazingly detailed airbrush colorways and painted eyes, the Black Label Cliff Pace 300 Deep Diving Crankbait is designed with summertime offshore cranking in mind!