6TH Sense Slice Blade Bait

Slice Blade Bait

The 6th Sense Slice Blade Bait is where power fishing and finesse fishing meet. A blade bait is a great search tool for anglers and can be an excellent alternative to a lipless crankbait. 
The Slice offers you the ability to vary the retrieves with three slots at the top center of the bait:
1. Use the most forward slot if you are fishing shallower water to make it swim more horizontally. You can also use this slot for jigging vertically through ice or under the boat.
2. Place the snap on the middle slot for medium to fast retrieve in shallow to medium depths.
3. The third slot offers the most aggressive action on fast retrieves, but also provides tremendous action on slower retrieves in deeper depths.
The Slice generates a unique vibration that will attract fish throughout the year. As always, the Slice Blade Bait comes standard with premium paint schemes, 3D eyes, 3D gill plates, and premium hooks.