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6th Sense Hyperjerk

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Designed to be the ultimate finesse reaction bait, the 6th Sense HyperJerk Finesse Jerkbait produces a deadly baitfish imitation that is ideal for shallow water and high pressure situations when the fish need a different look. Measuring just under three inches in length, the 6th Sense HyperJerk Finesse Jerkbait features a unique weighting system that gives it a slow sink and line-tie located on top of the head, which allows anglers to use quick twitches, jerks, and pops of the rod to create an erratic baitfish fleeing action to provoke even the most finicky of fish. It also features an internal knocking rattle that attracts fish from a great distance to come and investigate for a meal opportunity.

Ready to fish right out of the box, the 6th Sense HyperJerk Finesse Jerkbait is armed with two Mustad Triple Grip treble hooks that deliver a superior hook up ratio and a hand-tied feather on the rear hook for added attraction. Covered in lifelike details that include a custom paint job, 3D eyes, 3D gills, and checkered scales, the 6th Sense HyperJerk Finesse Jerkbait is the perfect snack for any predator. 

6th Sense Length Weight Class
HyperJerk 2.76" 3/8oz Slow Sinking