13 Fishing Caboose Craw Blueberry Yum Yum 4
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13 Fishing Caboose Craw

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If you are looking for the ultimate jig trailer or Texas-rig bait look no further, the 13 Fishing Caboose Craw delivers a profile and action that will test the limits of your equipment. Featuring two heavily ribbed claws, it produces an aggressive kicking action that displaces a tremendous amount of water to get bass fired up and aggravated to strike. If the swimming action isn’t enough to trigger a bite, the 13 Fishing Caboose Craw is molded with a special air pocket that makes it stand up in a defensive position, which challenges fish and stimulates ferocious predatory strikes. The air pocket also doubles as a location to added rattles for more noise in dirty water conditions or a way to add scent that will last much longer than simply adding it to the exterior of the bait.

Ideal for almost any technique, the 13 Fishing Caboose Craw shines when on the back of a jig or on a Texas-rig, but it is also highly effective on a Carolina-rig and even a shaky head. Infused with a heavy dose of Donkey sauce to trigger wary bass into biting, the 13 Fishing Caboose Craw is the only craw you need in your tackle box.

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